We provide all the below mentioned services:-

  1. Housekeeping Services.
  2. Security services.
  3. Office boys (Dispatch)
  4. Receptionist.
  5. Maintenance staff (Electricians, Plumbers, Carpenters etc)
  6. Drivers (Executive as well as staff and also hill trained)
  7. Carpet shampooing.
  8. Chair shampooing.
  9. Pest control services.
  10. Pantry services.
  11. Horticulture and landscaping services.



Services are monitored through an established and effective management Information system consisting of the following reports.

  1. Weekly checklist for House Keeping.
  2. Toilet checklist.
  3. Housekeeping requirement / complaints report.
  4. Housekeeping service complaint register.
  5. Site inspection report.
  6. Weekly quality control report.



This is hereby mentioned, various housekeeping services functions along with their frequencies which is indicative and subject to modifications all the time with mutual discussions with client.

The manpower used for said services would be on our rolls having almost Efficiency and will be deputed after careful analysis and selection procedures They will be wearing neat and clean uniform adding dignity to your work place They will be having proper name plates duty authorized by your organization for security purpose.



We are registered under EPF, ESIC and Service Tax. Respective code numbers are being allotted to us. We are maintaining all above mentioned with proper records.
EPF Code No. DL/34543
ESIC Code No. 11001001530001001
Service Tax Code No. AACCN9595JST001



We are using best consumables available in the market to add qualitative approach to our services.



We shall be charging 10% Service Charge on the actual cost of manpower and material. The charges may be negotiated and increased and when required with the increase in minimum wages and for any unforeseen reasons beyond our control.



We submit our bills to the Principal Employer on first of each month and payment will be made till 4th of the same month, we pay our staff by 7thof that month.



Brooming, Mopping, Dusting, Toilet Cleaning, Glass cleaning, Dustbin Cleaning
Ashtray cleaning, Spider Cleaning, Venetian Blinds Cleaning.

a)   Proper and effective cleaning of office floors, corridors, staircases, pantries, canteen including sweeping and scrubbing of the premises with water and approved detergent on all the floors, toilet, lounges, common areas and entire open space on the floors and approaches to the said office building. hereinafter cleaned the premises with brooms before opening of office and scrubbing only after lunch.      

b) Proper and effective cleaning, washing and scrubbing of toilet floors and walls staircases, sanitary fitting inducing removal of choking’s, pantries, corridors, dispatch & telex section, telephone exchange and reception area, common areas etc. changing of sanitary cubes, Liquid soap as when require and instructed by the admin. In charge of the office before opening of the office and ensure that toilets at all times, are  clean & equipped with necessary sanitary materials of approved standard.

c)  Proper and effective cleaning of ashtrays and cleaning waste paper basket with water before opening of the office.

d)  Dusting of all items as furniture, (wooden & Steel) such as tables & Chairs, fitting cabinets almirah etc. fixture, partitions, walls, doors, windows and telephone instruments, computer sets, notice boards, flower vases, art objects, pictures, paintings etc. in the premises and dusting of all items and furniture and reception and adjoining area.

e)    Cleaning of Venetian blinds.

f)     Brushing of carpet.

g)     Proper & effective cleaning of conference / committee rooms

h)     Spray of air fresheners in the reception area and conference committee rooms.

i)   Removing Stains from floors and partitions by using detergent which is found     satisfactory without leaving any undesirable post cleaning spot.

j)      Cleaning of all lift cars.

k)    Deployment of waste paper basket / buckets to all places those shall be disposed off at the nearest garbage bag point of the municipal Authorities. The daily services as indicated here below shall be carried out from 7AM to 4PM on working days.


  1. Proper and effective cleaning of glass doors, wooden doors and knobs. Sign boards / Plugs, brass plates and Name Board.
  2. Washing and scrubbing of floor areas with eco friendly chemicals.
  3. Sanifresh cleaning of sanitary wares without damaging their shine.
  4. Cleaning of Air Conditioning ducts and grills.
  5. Dusting of false ceiling, Sand removing of cobwebs etc.
  6. Vacuum cleaning of carpets wherever provided.
  7. Washing of foot door mat.                                                                                       




Contract if awarded initially would be for a period of at least one year.

The duration and termination of the contract depends mostly upon the requirements of the client. This is a subject to be discussed between the client and the Management. Normally the contract is not void by the service provider until the client is not fit to receive the service or to pay for the service received by him / his company.

We are providing good service which already has satisfied many reputed customers in and outside Delhi.

For termination of contract the client is liable to put a one month notice OR to pay for one month.

Same is for the service provider, either he will put a one month notice before he stops the service, or he will have to pay for one month.